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EBI Consultancy offers management consulting services with the expertise and professional background of our 1,000 + experienced consultants. Our consultants collaborate closely with its clients, equipping them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. We do this by helping our clients to improve their shareholder value, improve their company's operating cycle and shifting fixed costs to variable costs to make them more flexible in down turns. We draw upon the unique array of skills of our hands-on experts to offer new business concepts, analysis, comparisons, insights, perspectives and recommendations to help businesses in their strategies to make the best decisions for the future.


Supply Chain Consulting - optimising your supply chain

EBI Consultancy’s Supply Chain consulting services enable companies to significantly increase their competitive position by improving profits and customer service levels. As a supply chain consulting firm, Our practitioners support clients worldwide to create flexible and efficient operations that enable rapid response to changing customer demands and market opportunities. Whether it is an optimisation program, operations improvement, product planning, a network re-design, a transport and distribution optimisation, a supply chain audit or a greenfield project, EBI Consultancy will find you the right expert with the relevant experience for your industry.

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Be part of our growing supply chain and logistics professional community and join the EBI Global Database. You can upload your profile, so EBI can make you aware of opportunities and assignments that would meet your professional experience and background.




Need Interim Support?

EBI can supply senior interim management executives for organisations who need resources on a short term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or program, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or transform their business in a particular area.



Technology applied in your business

EBI helps its clients to make better business & technology decisions by providing them with the independent, pragmatic and detailed advice they need to navigate today’s rapidly changing market and understand how technology can support their strategic business agendas. 


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